T-Shirt or Memory Quilts

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Do you have T-Shirts or Beloved Clothes laying around, in garbage bags, in drawers, or boxes, and not wanting to throw them out? Then send them my way and I’ll make you a special memory quilt with those precious clothing.

I didn’t want to throw out my favorite T-Shirts so I made a quilt out of them. I totally understand what the piece of clothing means especially when I look at my own T-Shirt quilts.

Memory Quilts are one of a kind gifts that are great for any and every occasion! The receiver will cherish these quilts forever.

Each quilt is different and unique. I let the clothing do the talking. No quilt will be the same.

Quilt Constructions for both quilts

First layer: is the Clothing which is the primary focus of the quilt. The size for the baby clothes shirts will vary due to the size of the shirt and graphics. The T-Shirt Panel typical size is 15″ and you can use both the front and back of the shirt.

Heat Bonded Stabilizer: I use a heat bonded stabilizer as it is heat bonded to the back of the clothing panels. This provides stability from the stretching and puckering it helps me with a stable foundation.

Sashing: Sashing is used in the T-Shirts quilts but can be used for the baby quilts if you don’t prefer the ragging effect. It helps frame the T-Shirts. Just depends if you chose a design with sashing included.

Batting: The middle layer is the batting which gives the quilt its thickness and texture after quilting.

Backing: This layer is for the backside of the quilt and is typically an accenting solid color or designed fabric.

Binding: This is for the perimeter of the quilt that holds all the edges. Binding will not be used on the Rag Quilt as shown in the Baby Clothes Quilt pictured below.

What I Need To Know:

Design of quilt: Shadow Box, With or without Sashing, T-Shirts with Quilt Blocks, Patchwork or Rag Quilt.

Size of quilt: crib, lap, twin, full, queen, or king.

When do you need it by?

Favorite Size is the lap quilt and measures approx. 60" x 72". The cost is $450 + 6.75% OHIO sales tax for those that live in Ohio. I would need at least 12 shirts (front/back designs can be used).

Baby Quilt

Baby quilts are constructed the same as the T-Shirt/Memory Quilts unless you are wanting a rag quilt.

What I Need To Know:

  • How many baby clothing you have?

  • What size you would like?

  • When you need it by?

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