Longarm Machine Quilting

Let me machine quilt your precious quilt top with my Gammill Premier Plus Longarm Machine!! My longarm machine is not computerized. I hand drive the machine.

Pantographs is an overall design meaning edge to edge that repeats. In my opinion, they are great on quilts. Check out the pantographs that I have in my stash. Go there>>>>https://joeysquiltingco.com/pantographs

Ohio Sales Tax of 6.75%.

****I require half of the quoted price as a down payment. I accept checks, cash, or debit/credit cards.****

Custom Work (what it entails): This is what I consider custom work and cost will vary based on designs and quilt size.

• Your quilt has applique, embroidery, or folded fabric.

• Stitch in the ditch, any two block patterns, one border or sash pattern.

• Free hand designs.

• Pantographs with Custom Borders.

Heirloom Quilting: cost will vary based on designs and quilt size.

• Many types of quilting patterns.

• Crosshatching, echoing, stitch in the ditch around applique or piecing, quilting in applique designs, free hand background fill and custom block designs.

• Different border designs.

Marking Disclaimer: I use a variety of marking methods (chalk, blue/purple fabric marking pens) and make every attempt to remove the markings. There are occasions when faint marks will still be visible. Usually these come out upon first compete washing in cold water with no detergent. We cannot guarantee that all markings will come out. If you select custom or heirloom quilting that may require the use of a marking method, we are not responsible for marks that do not come out. If this is a concern, then please consider an alternative quilting style. Thanks.

Quilt Top

• Please have your top square as much as possible. This will help with loading and quilting successfully. Please if your quilt is not squared then most likely it will come back to you that way.

• Press your top flat, from the back, this will help you direct your seams.

• Trim all or close to all loose threads. If I’m constantly stopping to trim threads then you will incur a fee. ($15)

• Repair any loose seams, if you don’t then our machine’s foot can possible rip your quilt. I will not be held accountable if this happens.

• You might want to add 3-4 stitches across the seams around the perimeter of your quilt if you do not have a border. Just about 1/8″ from the edge of your quilt. Your quilt top will be stretched and rolled to be loaded unto the machine.

• Mark the top of your quilt letting me know this is the top.

• If your quilt top has embroidery, appliqué or folded fabric, please let me know!!! We need to talk about this!!

• Please keep all layers separate, DO NOT BASTE THEM! Unless we have talked about this. I have done quilts that were already bound.

Quilt Batting:

• Provide your own, please make sure its as big as the quilt backing.

Quilt Backing:

• Please have your quilt backing 6 - 8″ larger than your quilt top on ALL SIDES! Example if your top measures 40″x40″ then your backing should be at least 52″x52″ – 56″x56″. The extra is needed to load the quilt unto the machine.

• Please make sure that your backing is squared.

• Please try to have your backing from one single width of fabric, but if you have to sew a seam try to off set it to one side and have it horizontal. Better yet, piece the backing with 3 pieces of fabric with the center being the larger piece with horizontal seams.

• Please don’t make the backing be centered matched with the center of the quilt top. We work from top to bottom and this will take extra time and skill and it may not even be possible. (I know I’ve tried a few times on my own quilts). $40 charge if you want me to do it. Press the back flat and from the back so that you can direct the seams.

• If your backing has a top edge please leave a note on the backing too. If dropping off quilt, I will do this when doing your consultation.

Preparation of backing: (if needed) is $10/seamTrimming: Only if asked to trim and I’ll trim to 2-3″ away from the edge of the quilt top. Charge is $15.

Threads: I use Superior Threads or Glide for my quilting. And if I don’t have the thread for your project in stock then I’m happy to special order it. It normally takes 2-3 days to get them in unless they are on backorder.

Thread Charge: There is NO THREAD CHARGE FEE.

Preparing your Quilt To Ship:

• Please have batting and backing 4-8″ wider on all sides. Just add 8-16″ to your quilt measurements.

• Fold the quilt top, batting (if sending it along) and backing separately and place into a large clear plastic bag.

• Let me know if you want the excess batting/backing trimmed and sent back.

• Quilts will be shipped back with a delivery confirmation number.

• When in doubt, please ask.

Shipping: Quilt client pays for shipping back quilt

Disclaimer: I can not promise perfection as I am human. We will talk together throughout the process to make sure that we understand each other. If your quilt is square and the borders lay flat then we shouldn’t have an issue. But I do understand that you are human too and are not perfect also, so I will work with you. Thanks for understanding.

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