What is echoing in quilting?

What is echoing in quilting

Quilting – What is echoing?

I’ve never heard the word “echoing” until I started to free-motion quilt and I’ve never done it before until recently on a customer quilt because it reminded me of the hawaiian quilts.

What is echoing? Echoing is stitching two or more uniform lines a certain distance away from your first (keeping them even if you can). They can help hide mistakes too!

It is a form of free-motion quilting and I think you should practice this one to have it in your back pocket!!! It is used to emphasize an appliqué or quilt design.

I do not have to mark the quilt top when I use the echoing technique. If the customer lets me, I will use the echoing technique for the inside of the appliqué to add dimension and texture.

I love using the echo technique as I can move around the quilt with ease or make the huge open space more manageable.

Have you done any echoing?

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