To Tip or Not To Tip Your Longarmer?

To Tip or Not To Tip Your Longarmer?

To Tip or Not To Tip Your Longarmer?

Should I be tipping the Longarmer? You ask yourself.

I’ve seen this question asked in the many groups I’m in. Of course, there are a lot of varying opinions on the subject.

I’m a longarmer, I have a business, and I’ve set my prices. Is what I see a lot too in answering this question.

My answer is short….NO!

You do not need to tip us. Is it nice to tip? YES! Do we expect it? NO!

I’ve been tipped several times and have received small gifts from my customers. It makes me feel loved and appreciated for the work that I do for them.

You see I ask for a deposit up front, it’s half of the total, and one of my customer gave me more than the deposit and said “keep the change”. “Don’t worry about subtracting from the second payment,” she said. AWWWWW!! That was so sweet of her! Even before I begin the work on her KING and I mean KING size quilt, she tipped!

It reminded me of a story that a Pastor once told. He would tip the waiter/waitress before the meal even started. I believe it was a $10 tip. That put a smile on the server’s face and they went up and beyond their job. They felt appreciated! The Pastor would once again tip them at the end of the meal!! Wouldn’t you work double hard for the person tipping you? I sure would.

The best tip a longarmer can receive, in my opinion, is a referral!!! Keep that in mind.

Happy quilting!

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