Just a few comments about my work…

Amy J. 

  • The quilt looks amazing! Thank you so much! I shared a picture on Facebook and had a lot of interested friends.

Amanda C.

  • OMG yayyyyy!!!!!!


  • OMGosh I love it!

Over the past decade I’ve made and given quilts away. I just don’t write down what they said about the quilt. I do love seeing their expressions when they see their quilts after I’ve worked on them and its priceless!


Dottie E.

  • And YOU, my friend, did an awesome job!!! Thank you !!!!!

Patricia C.

  • Hi, I have had 2 projects from Joey’s Quilting Company that I am extremely happy with! I commissioned a Bagg from Joey’s and a king-sized Irish Chain quilt. I collaborated with Joey about the color and size of the Bagg (I wanted an extra large baby bag that even my husband would carry.) The finished project turned out to be just what I pictured! I continue to carry this Bagg even though I no longer have the need because I love it sew much!!
  • The Irish Chain collaboration worked out just as smoothly. It turned out fabulous! Joey is really the The Quilt Whisperer!

Dr. G.

  • Oh! WOW!


  • OMG. Absolutely gorgeous. Girl you need to get the word out. You’re feathertabuluous.
  • Need a longarm quilter; just call Joey. She did an excellent job feathering. I want to be like her when I grow up!