My Favorite Longarm Rulers

My Favorite Longarm Rulers

My Favorite Longarm Rulers

When I first started doing machine quilting on my longarm, I did not know about rulers. I saw some really intricate designs that some longarm quilters were doing. They were amazing! But I didn’t know that they used rulers.

I knew that Linda V. Taylor was the spoken person for the Gammill Longarm Quilting Machine and I fell in love with them at a quilt show in 2006. That’s when I first found out about the Longarm Machines. Of course, I didn’t have the money or space for one. I prayed that one day I would have one and I did in May of 2013. My hubby got me a used 2006 Premier-Plus Gammill Longarm Machine.

When I got the longarm machine I went to YouTube to watch videos done by Linda V. Taylor. I saw some with rulers and bought a few of hers. These are still my favorite ones!

I did stop by Joann’s to purchase the Dritz Longarm Acrylic Stitch Tool. I didn’t want to wait around. 

Then I came across Teryl Loy Enterprises YouTube videos and purchased some of hers.

Then someone in a group that I was in mentioned Jamie Wallen and of course I had to have some of his. His longarm rulers comes with handles.

I took Kimmy Brunner’sMachine Quilting with Templates” online course on Craftsy. She is an excellent teacher! Love her class! I bought her melons template set. I’m still practicing with these.

Do you have any favorite longarm rulers?

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