Mondo Bag Clips: Similar To Red Snappers That Quilters Use

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Mondo Bag Clips: Similar To Red Snappers That Quilters Use

Red Snappers can be purchased by the size needed between $60-$80. These Mondo Bag Clips are on Amazon for about $45. And if you are a prime member you get free shipping.

The mondo clips are about 36” long and you get 10 of them in the pack. Plenty of extras to use for later. I love them. I was looking into getting the Red Snappers but thought there had to be a less expensive item on the market. Just a few years back I became a frugal spender and that meant looking for deals. I’m so glad that I came across the mondo clips on Amazon.

I have a used Gammill Premier-Plus and use three pieces in each leader. I float my tops so I just need them in two leaders. My leaders had “pockets” so that I could place the rod into them.

I cut them down to size, so that I can first snap them in the middle of the backing fabrics. I love using them, but the first few time they were not fun at all. They are a bit stiff at first but after the third time using them they start becoming flexible. I use my thumb and forefinger to snap them into place. Takes a bit to get used to them, but I can load and definitely unload a quilt quickly.

They can be used for other items too…chip bags, cereal bags, frozen food, coffee, trail mix, basically anything you want to keep fresh.

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