Free-Motion Framework Quilt Book #FMFWQ

me and quilt book

I’m Super Stoked And Excited!!! Jen emailed me, at the end of the 2017 year to see if I wanted to contribute to her book. What a honor, Thanks Jen!!!!

A total of 17 quilters made the quilts that is in her Free-Motion Framework book!

Here are both quilts that I contribute to Jen’s book…

solar system

fan quilt


Want to win a copy of Free-Motion Framework Book?

~~Leave me a comment below letting me know if you Free-Motion. (I will be approving comments manually.)

~~There will be ONLY one winner, USA winner will receive the book where the International winner will receive a digital copy.

~~You are providing your name and email to be entered to win to Joey’s Quilting Co. I will chose a winner from and will email that winner letting them know that they had won.

~~This giveaway will close on June 10th, 2018 at midnight EST. I will announce the winner and contact them on June 11th, 2018.

What other chances to win more….

Stop by each blog this week for a possible chance to win a copy of Free-Motion Framework. (International winners, outside the USA, will receive a digital copy.)

Monday | June 4

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C & T Publishing

Tuesday | June 5

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Thursday | June 7

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Friday | June 8

Kustom Kwilts
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Happy Quilting!

UPDATE!!!! Winner has been selected and has been emailed! 6/12/18


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  • Susan Spiers June 5, 2018, 9:48 am

    I am still practicing FMQ! Straight-line quilting is my go-to right now! Thank you, Susan

    • joeysquiltingco June 5, 2018, 10:37 am

      Susan, straight-line quilting was my go to when I started!!!

  • Alicia Webb June 5, 2018, 10:18 am

    I have free motioned quilted maybe 3 times! It was a learning curve for sure! And I did it in my bedroom!!! Talk about small space LOL! I am so proud of you!! 🙂

    • joeysquiltingco June 5, 2018, 10:37 am

      Thanks sew much for the compliment! It is a learning curve for sure!

  • Teri June 5, 2018, 10:55 am

    I have tried free motion quilting but am still not comfortable enough to do it on a full size project. The book looks awesome.

    • joeysquiltingco June 5, 2018, 11:03 am

      Are you practicing doodling? That has helped me out tremendously.

  • Connie June 5, 2018, 11:02 am

    I started FMQ when I “tried” to quilt on drawn lines. What a fiasco! I quilt pretty tightly so my goal now is to “loosen” up my quilting.

  • Donna June 5, 2018, 12:35 pm

    I am trying to learn free motion quilting. I am practicing on baby quilts made from panels.
    I have been gathering lots of information and this book looks right up my alley. Thanks for fabulous giveaway.

  • Donna Fecteau June 5, 2018, 12:46 pm

    Free motion quilting is something I need to learn to do.

  • ali June 5, 2018, 1:13 pm

    I love free motion quilting but always very critical of my own work! This book looks awesome!!!

    • joeysquiltingco June 5, 2018, 3:15 pm

      Don’t compare yourself to others!!!! We are our own worst critics!

  • Lisa Kildow June 5, 2018, 2:22 pm

    You had to fix one of my fmq attempts! But I will keep trying!

    • joeysquiltingco June 5, 2018, 3:13 pm

      Girl, at least you attempted!!!! I just did straight lines. You will get there. Keep doing it.

  • Beth June 5, 2018, 3:22 pm

    I love to fmq

  • Patricia Wester June 5, 2018, 3:47 pm

    I love to free motion but am always hesitant about which designs to choose.

  • Amanda Spencer June 5, 2018, 3:48 pm

    Honestly I have never done it before, but I so badly want to learn. I just started quilting a few months ago, and so far I just do straight quilting.

    • joeysquiltingco June 5, 2018, 5:18 pm

      Yay for quilting!!!! Keep at it. Let me know if there is anything I can help with.

  • Melody Lutz June 5, 2018, 6:12 pm

    Yes I do…FMQ…wished I had tried it much longer ago.

  • Jane June 5, 2018, 7:39 pm

    I started quilting with straight lines as well but just began free motion quilting. O M G! How fun is that! I will probably never reach your level of mastery but it is a kick! Thanks for your inspirational quilting!

  • Nancy June 5, 2018, 9:52 pm

    Yes, I love to free motion, and I love the concept of this book. What a clever idea. Thanks for sharing the awesome giveaway!

  • June June 6, 2018, 12:42 am

    I do free motion. Takes me forever.. I’m working on several projects now, but other than charity quilts do not finish them. Thanks for the chance!

  • Christi June 6, 2018, 4:03 am

    I try to Free Motion but I’m not very good at it.

  • Sue Abrey June 6, 2018, 5:27 am

    I bought my Simply 16 about 4 weeks ago and am madly practicing as often as I can.

    • joeysquiltingco June 7, 2018, 12:00 am

      Awesome! I’m hoping to start doing some videos soon.

  • Carole S June 7, 2018, 6:23 am

    I free-motion, and need all the help I can get. This looks like a fabulous book! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Barb June 7, 2018, 8:03 am

    I love to free motion quilt! Would much rather do that than anything else. Thanks for the chance!

  • Deb Scott June 7, 2018, 8:49 am

    I’ve been stippling for over 20 years. FMQ has exploded in the past few years! Onward!

  • Kasey Rodriguez June 7, 2018, 9:34 am

    I haven’t tried free motion…yet. I’ve been teaching myself to quilt over the last three years…and up until about six months ago, everything I made was handstitched because I didn’t know how to use a sewing machine! I bought a cheap machine and taught myself how to use it, and a walking foot. Once I get a little more confident I will give free motion a try!

  • Sherril McGann June 7, 2018, 3:13 pm

    Still working on the free motion thing. Not very good at it at this time.

  • Lara Whitehead June 7, 2018, 9:56 pm

    I’m still a beginner but OMG it’s addictive.!

  • Bonnie June 7, 2018, 10:57 pm

    I have tried some simple free motion quilting designs on my sewing machine. My quilting skills need some serious help. This book would help me improve my technique and gain the confidence to try more complex designs. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Patti Jeremiason June 8, 2018, 7:42 am

    I guess you could say I jumped into free motion with both feet! Done feathers, stars, flames,

  • Jayne P June 8, 2018, 8:27 am

    I have recently completed a quilt using free motion quilting combined with ruler work, on a domestic machine. Lots of mistakes along the way but I’m still happy with the overall look and will definitely do more

  • Bonnie Gabriel June 8, 2018, 9:20 am

    I love to free motion quilt on my long arm. Always need new designs and more practice.

  • Janie June 9, 2018, 10:49 am

    Great book and wonderful designs. I need to work on the design planning and pathing.

  • Donna W June 9, 2018, 12:52 pm

    I love to free motion quilt on my domestic machine. I do not own a long are – yet!

  • Mandy June 9, 2018, 2:13 pm

    I’ve just purchased a LA, can I just say I NEED this book! Up till now, I’ve only dabbled with fmq’ing.

  • Roseanne C Atkinson June 10, 2018, 5:23 am

    I have been doodling and doodling. It’s so easy on paper! I bought some clamps and bungy type cords to hang from my ceiling to help lift my quilts so I’m not wrestling with them all the time on my domestic machine. Been really thinking about buying a long arm. I have tried the HQ Avante and APQS long arms. Still would like to compare a Gammill and an Innova. Which long arm machine do you own? And what were the things you looked for before purchasing? Thanks so much for a chance to win this awespiring book!

  • Mari Wilmoth June 10, 2018, 9:09 am

    I have yet to master FMQ.

  • Hannah June 11, 2018, 4:37 pm

    Just started FMQ and loving every moment of it!!