5 Steps To Picking Out A Thread Color for Machine Quilting

5 steps to picking out a thread color for machine quilting

Do you have a hard time picking the “right” color for your quilt top? Do you want to know what I do? How I pick that thread color that works? Don’t worry too, since this is all a “matter of preference”!

5 Steps To Picking Out A Thread Color

  1. Pick your colors that you like
  2. Put them on your quilt top
  3. Eliminate those that you do not like
  4. Chose between those that are left
  5. Pick one and enjoy!

When you have a hard time deciding which color thread to choose then just do my 5 steps. Sometimes it helps to come back the next day. Your choice and attitude towards a thread color might change. There is no right or wrong answer here.

This reminds me of my Halloween customer…I put the black and orange color threads on top of her quilt. I loved the orange and she loved the black and of course the black won. It’s HER quilt! Keep that in mind too if you are longarm machine quilting for someone else. 🙂

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