3 Things I Learned From My Longarm Quilt Customer

3 things I learned from my longarm quilt customer

3 Things I Learned From My Longarm Quilt Customer

This is what I learned from someone shipping me their quilt top and backing. Maybe you know this from shipping your tops/backing to your longarmer and maybe you didn’t. Just thought I would throw this out there just in case anyone was wondering.

This was from my very first quilt customer that shipped to me. I was sew excited to receive a quilt top in the mail and I was pleasantly surprise the extra steps the quilter took in shipping her items.

  1. Serge your edges if you can or like I mentioned in my longarm quilting page…add 3-4 stitches across the seams around the perimeter of your quilt if you don’t have a border. Or just stitch a line around the perimeter about an eighth of an inch from the edge. It just because your quilt top will be stretched and rolled when on the longarm machine.
  2. When mailing your quilt top/backing fabric, place it in a clear plastic bag or clear garbage bag with your address on an index card…this is in case the box gets destroyed by rain (or other elements like the sorting machine) and your quilt top/backing is safe. Also if your box gets lost and someone opens it your quilt top could possibly be mailed back to you. I then can use your index card with your mailing address and place it in the clear zippered bag that I send back to my customers with your quilt.
  3. Pin a note to your quilt top with quilt size for top and backing, and any other special notes (which way is the top of the quilt if you have a preference).
  4. This is TOTALLY OPTIONAL!!! A small thank you gift or note. Total surprise. Makes the person quilting your quilt appreciated. And don’t we all like to be appreciated.

The fourth thing is optional of course. I just thought it was sweet for the quilt customer to send a little something with her top. It sure made my day!

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