2 Things To Consider When Choosing a Longarm Machine

2 things to consider when choosing a longarm machine

2 Things To Consider When Choosing a Longarm Machine

Are you thinking about purchasing a longarm? I bet you have a TONS of questions racing through your mind. Wouldn’t it be easy if the machine just screamed your name? Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

In my mind, choosing a longarm machine comes down to two things! Space and Budget!! You will need to know both of these before picking one out or making a list of the brands you like to try out.

The longarms take much more space than your own domestic sewing machine or mid-arm. A mid-arm machine is also called a sit-down machine, because you sit at a table to do your free-motion quilting. Most mid-arm machines comes with their own table.

Even before you go to the quilt shows or quilt shops to start test driving those longarm or sit-down machines you will need to know your budget and space!

Let’s talk about BUDGET first! Did you know that most of these machines cost the same as a used or new car!!! Yeah, there is a HUGE price difference in these longarm or sit-down machines. Just wanted you to be aware. You can get a great deal on any USED machine!! Mostly because the person either fell ill or they don’t have enough time to learn their machine and its been sitting there for months or even years!

Know your budget. Know what you can spend. I’m not one that likes to have debt, but a few years back I wouldn’t have minded, just now I do.

Next comes SPACE!  What size is your space? Do you have a space to house the longarm or mid-arm machine? I used to have my longarm in the garage and now I have it in the basement. Well, its going in the basement once the house is done.

I’ve known some people to have their longarms in their own LIVING ROOMS!!! I’m not surprised, most of these people live alone. If you don’t have the space for a longarm then maybe the mid-arm is right for you! Or think about renting time on a longarm. That is another way to go if you don’t have the space for one.

But then you have to know if you like to move the fabric or the machine. When I first started free-motion quilting, I did not like moving the fabric so I knew that the longarm machine was the way to go for me.

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